Jodie Wolf

You may have been there the first time around. Sweeping your way through the era with flowers in your hair and flares that would make Abba weep. Fashion always has its way of coming back around, and this year, the swinging 70s have chosen to jump straight out of your vinyl collection and back into our homes.

Think vibrant patterns, rattan and retro, this playful style is one that will bring a combination of fun and relaxation to your abode.

The House Book_ by Terence Conran, 1974

Looking to liven up a room quickly and on a budget? Invest in a statement chair which can be found at a flea market, or add a velvet cushion or blanket to any space. Anything with a fringe or a crochet throw is an instant way to transform a room, easily evoking this vibrant time.

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Why not dedicate this coming weekend to re-vamping a room of choice in your house? Create some fever-inducing interiors this Saturday night. Your home will become too hot to handle, as you bop the night away with the Bee Gees. What are you waiting for?

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