Valentine’s Day. A commercialized load of hype or a day of giving to those that we care about? If you like the sound of the latter, then here are some simple ways to spread some happiness on February 14th. Enjoy.


Why not make your loved one something with your very own hands? It could be cupcakes or biscuits, chocolates or cocktails, eco-friendly jewellery or simply a dinner. There are so many online sites where you can find tutorials and inspiration, more so now than ever. Not only will you have fun creating, but your friend or partner will feel more appreciated as the gift will have so much thought behind it.

Homemade with love


Flowers are an obvious choice for February 14th, but it doesn’t have to be a bought bouquet. You could try collecting a fresh bunch from the wild, arranging a dried bouquet or perhaps gifting some potpourri. Make a daisy chain or a flower clip for hair, the possibilities are endless when it comes to flowers.

Thinking floral


With the weather constantly changing on us here in Sydney in recent weeks, indoor fun could be the way to go this year. You could book a pottery class to channel those Patrick Swayze vibes for one option, and you know what they say- couples who clay together stay together! Maybe a Painting class is more for you, where you can indulge with wine and nibbles whilst you work. There’s bowling, badminton and plenty of indoor sports that you could book, for example, hire a tennis court for a couple of hours and then kick back the Wimbledon way with strawberries and cream. If there’s one thing to consider in 2022, it’s how to have fun this Valentine’s Day.

Couples who clay together stay together


Say it with words this month and write your partner or friend a song or some poetry? Whether you record it on your phone or are clever enough to play an instrument as you sing, the words you recite will no doubt tug at the heartstrings of your favourite person. it could even be a comedic piece that has you both laughing in no time.

Mix-tape magic

However you choose to spend Valentine’s Day or whomever you choose to treat, it doesn’t have to cost the earth, it doesn’t have to be an all-consuming affair, it just has to be a thought, a moment or a simple show of affection that says, I care. Life is too short not to tell people how much they are appreciated in your world, don’t you think?

I appreciate you