Sydney Observer Contributor

Vitamin C Serum 

Taking care of our skin through elaborate care routines is still as prominent as ever, but has now been simplified. Instead of applying various and elaborate skincare items to your face, the use of vitamin C serum, which is an oil and water-based liquid that contains highly concentrated amounts of vitamin C, can provide many benefits. For makeup-lovers, it can be used before applying makeup and after washing your face as a moisturiser. The serum is ideal for all ages and skin types and contains many benefits, including the reduction of lines and wrinkles by promoting collagen production, protecting the skin from sun damage, reducing under-eye circles, speeding up healing and helping to promote overall brighter and healthier skin.


The emergence of matcha on the market, particularly in green tea, has become a very popular trend. A tradition of Japanese culture, matcha has many health benefits on top of its delicious taste. It is made from nutrient-rich leaves and is high in antioxidants, boosts memory and concentration, enhances relaxation, increases endurance and even burns calories. Matcha can also be found as a powder and also in several different foods and other products, the most popular being tea and coffee as well as ice-cream, cake and even savoury dishes.

Vitamin Drips 

Infusing vitamins and minerals straight into your bloodstream via an IV drip has become a popular trend visible on social media. Wellness centres across Sydney offer a somewhat pricey treatment, where a specific set of vitamins are injected via a transfusion needle into your arm. For individuals who have little time to spare to go to the gym and can afford this procedure, vitamin drips can be a way to maximise your body’s health. The question is whether drinking a green smoothie or receiving a vitamin drip is the best way to boost your immunity.