Christa Nicola

Plants add a warm, natural and fresh setting to any part of your house. Whether they sit inside your living room, bedroom, garden or balcony, they are always a beautiful feature. But there is nothing worse and slightly depressing than a wilted, brown and lacklustre plant, and we have all been there. To avoid the dreaded death of your plants, we have put together the five best apps that help keep plants alive and healthy!

PICTURE THIS (Free or lifetime subscription $19.49)

Described on their website as a ‘botanist in your pocket’, Picture This will tell you what your plant is, diagnose issues and help advise on best treatments, and identify toxic plants to protect your pets. It’s as simple as taking a snapshot.

Image Source: Picture This


Plant Life Balance encourages you to make your home greener, an app with your health in mind. Choose from ten ‘living looks’, then drag and drop plants into your space to see how they look. The app will then rate the health and wellbeing of your room based on how many plants you have in it. According to RMIT University, just one plant can improve air quality by 25%.


For the absent-minded plant owner, the Vera plant care app from Bloomscape keeps you on top of your watering and fertilising schedule to help you become the plant parent you aspire to be. Create profiles for each of your plants to watch your greenery thrive, and take advantage of the extensive library with plant care tips you will definitely need.

Image Source: Plant Life Balance


Happy Plant is an app that takes the guesswork out of your plants watering schedule by allocating a profile to your greenery, allowing you to keep on top of the watering timetable while monitoring the growth. It even encourages you to take a ‘plant selfie’ with every water to track growth with a time-lapse video. Pretty cute!


Join a community of other plant lovers with the Flourish plant app. Just add in your plant species, and you’ll get a little description of what your plants should look like when they are prospering, a list of common issues, care instructions, as well as water and light preferences and watering reminders.