Sydney Observer Contributor

Now that Backyard BBQs are back on the horizon for Sydneysiders, it’s a great time to start planning a brilliant occasion with family and friends. Summer is also just around the corner!

An outdoor kitchen area is an ideal way to spruce up your garden design. For numerous family units, food is an intrinsic part of kinship, bonding and a way of expressing familial love and dedication. Choosing the layout of your BBQ space is the first rule in any design project. For homeowners who have an outdoor patio, deck or pergola – your task is a lot simpler. Having decked or paved flooring is essential when designing your cooking cove.

Another handy tip is when planning the layout make sure it is situated close to the house so that you have convenient access to the kitchen and utensils. Opt for a lounge-seating area close by to the outdoor kitchen space so that your visitors can enjoy the delicious dishes in comfort. Having the simple barbeque stand in the corner of your backyard has become quite juvenile in terms of efficient design standards. Access to practical bench space, storage, and a small sink and bar fridge is ideal.

For those who are willing to loosen the purse strings, look at investing in an accompanying pizza oven showpiece that is guaranteed to impress your guests. Now is the fun part – choosing the ultimate BBQ. Depending on your budget and the size of the outdoor entertaining area, there is an extensive range of barbies on the market. Retail giant Weber BBQ is known famously for their charcoal, electric and gas barbeques, which are tailor-made to ensure a legendary flavour is harnessed!