Rejimon Punchayil

It can be a challenging conversation to have with your loved one when it comes to mobility scooters. But what is really important is to highlight the independence something like this can bring to the life of a senior struggling with their mobility and movement. First and foremost, discuss this matter with a GP before proceeding to buy a mobility scooter. Here are some important tips to consider once you have decided to make a purchase.

Is it a power chair or mobility scooter? 

This depends on several factors and mostly on the physical ability of the user and where it would be used. A power chair would be ideal for indoor use.

Size and portability 

When thinking about the size and portability of a scooter there are a number of factors to consider. Do you require the scooter to be portable? How often would you transport it, or would you like a stable scooter primarily to be used in one place? What is the weight of the user, where is the scooter going to be used and what is the length of the most frequent trip? With a range of scooters on the market, you will be pleasantly surprised with the latest models of portable scooters, and how light and easy they are to assemble and dismantle.

Three-wheel or four wheels

Four wheels ensure more stability whereas three-wheel scooters have a shorter turning circle.

Compliance with Australian standards

It is important that you buy a scooter from your local supplier, who can ensure the unit complies with the strict Australian standards for quality.

Warranty and backup service 

Like your car, a scooter has to be backed up with a strong warranty and technical support. The battery is another important element in the selection of a scooter.


Do you want a luggage carrier, a canopy to shield you from the weather, or a comfortable seat? A USB mobile charger can be handy these days. Some scooters have trendy dashboard displays that show the distance travelled, speed, battery levels and indicators. You can even choose a colour that best represents your taste.

Test drive

Nobody buys a car without a test drive, so why would you buy your scooter without one? Comfort Discovered has a wide range of scooters and power chairs, as well as the expertise to help you select the most suitable solution.

Enjoy the independence and mobility that comes with the possession of a suitable and appropriate scooter.