Madeleine Taplin 

Spring is officially here, so it’s time to start giving your house a fresh new look! What better way to create a different vibe than to dabble in some new colour choices? The colour palette is one of the most important design decisions you will need to make when decorating a home. Whether it’s paint, fabrics, or finishes, colour has a massive effect on how your home looks and feels. Luckily for you, we have all the pointers you need to get you started on creating a fun, spring colour palette for your home, as well as how these choices will affect your interior.

Inspiring Confidence

Feeling like your space needs a bit more character, vibrance and confidence? A warm colour palette is the way to go! These colours typically work well in dining and entertaining spaces as they are inviting and help to promote intimacy. And whilst it may be tempting to go full out with a bright and bold colour palette, sometimes the best ways to create these warmer tones are through natural wall colourings and a selection of warm-toned furniture items. For example, a vibrant red rug can help to tie a room together and suggest a sense of fun, happiness and confidence. Alternatively, think about painting a feature wall in these vibrant tones, and going slightly more neutral in your furnishings. A dusky pink wall can be a real standout feature if paired with simpler furniture.

Making it Cool

Cooler colours are often used to create a relaxed mood and bring a sense of calm to space. As such, these colours typically work in bedrooms, the study or even the bathroom, as they are often represented as sanctuaries within the house. Cooler colours work supremely well in a feature wall setting and can be paired with a selection of the same coloured furniture items. A navy-blue feature wall with some cool-toned art, paired with a selection of grey, navy and white bedding create a soothing, and relaxing experience both visually, and internally.

Natural Neutrals

Natural tones are once again in season and have become a staple of the newly designed home. These colours also help to achieve a relaxed and peaceful environment, but since they have a depth to them, can also create a sense of homeliness, warmth and connection to the outside world. If this sounds like your type of style, think about purchasing some caramel or tan furniture, such as a couch, or consider adding some signature pieces of woodwork in the form of coffee tables or a dining table.

Spacious or Intimate?

Colour can also be used to help enhance the feeling of a space, making it feel either smaller or larger than reality. For example, light colours tend to feel more spacious and airier than darker tones. They create a sense of joviality, freedom and openness, and as such typically work well in spaces you want to feel larger than life, such as the bedroom or the kitchen. On the other hand, warm colours typically make a space feel even smaller and can become somewhat claustrophobic. As such, these colour tones work well only in spaces you want to feel more intimate, such as a movie room.

Making a Statement

Sometimes the best way to make changes to the colour of the house is by making a statement. Think about some new, fun, punchy wallpaper to add to your space! Wallpaper is certainly back in fashion, and with so many new fabrics and styles to choose from, you are sure to find something to match any type of aesthetic you wish! These styles work perfectly in either a bedroom or a lounge room setting, but on small scales can look equally as stunning.