Sydney Observer Contributor

There is no question that a good bathroom renovation can transform a dated old space into a showstopper.

Revamping your bathroom can add tremendous value to your home, as it is one of the principle rooms that homebuyers expect to be modern and stylish. Yet when it comes to design it can be quite challenging to reflect a style that will suit the tastes of any future owners and remain contemporary over the course of time.

Ray White Double Bay sales agent Evan Williams spoke with Sydney Observer to offer first-hand advice regarding what homebuyers are currently looking for when it comes to bathrooms.

“Adding personalised touches to your bathroom can turn a practical space into a main feature. A bathroom can become a showpiece of a home. For example, we are selling a bespoke art deco apartment in North Bondi and the vendors have incorporated a rainwater shower head with a touch of herringbone-patterned tiles. All of a sudden you have created a symphony of style and perfect symmetry in the home.”

Niches have become a necessary design element in bathrooms recently. These recess boxes often situated within shower walls are both practical for everyday functionality and can be implemented as a feature piece with a statement tile. Size and storage are also key objectives that homebuyers are looking for when it comes to bathroom design. Whether it’s a large family, couple, flatmates or singles looking to purchase, storage is a practicality needed for all.

“Buyers who are upsizing from an apartment to a house expect to not only see an increase in the number of bedrooms but also see it as a necessity now to have a second and potentially also a third. Neutral bathrooms are by far the preference but touches of colour in feature tiles and marble bench tops certainly raise the bar,” said Director of local real estate agency Savills, Charles Caravousanos.

When it comes to trends the longitude of the phase can be uncertain. If bold colours are up your alley than choose to style with colourful towels, soap dispensers and bath mats. By doing so you could potentially save a considerable amount of money in the future by not having to replace those black fixtures and tapwear that were only in fashion temporarily.

Neutral tiles, fixtures and cupboards that are key to certifying the design of your bathroom will remain classically current for years to come. Well-known bathroom supply store Rogerseller has echoed this sentiment, with brand manager Tanya Sharpe suggesting customers should look for enduring versatility rather than seasonal trends.

“Selecting timeless products in terms of both the design aesthetic as well as high quality from our showroom in Waterloo will ensure a lifetime of love for your bathroom. Another design secret is simplicity. Choose one hero feature, for example a freestanding bath, feature tile, or timber cabinetry rather than over designing a space to appear mix-matched.”