A new season is coming and with it more colour, textures and statement pieces are popping up in stores and on runways.

A revival of previous fashion eras have emerged at  Summer 2022 runway shows touting colour blocking, animal prints, glitter and most things sheer. We’ve done the heavy lifting and collated a mood board of inspiration from movies, runways and fashion stars to influence your wardrobe choices this Spring.

PS: Remember, fashion is supposed to be fun so don’t let anything hold you back. Mix colours and prints and don’t follow a ‘one-size fits all standard’. Be you!

The endless icon that is ‘The Devil Wears Prada’

If you’re more of a classic dresser with refined tastes and a penchant for scary Meryl Streep, than this movie will always remain an influencer in your wardrobe. Black and white is a staple whilst introducing colour is done in small doses. Your accessories will range from pearls and fine chains to big sunglasses. Don’t underestimate the impact of a good belt either.

Graphics and Textures

Who could make a fur coat look fun? Lizzo, that’s who. Pairing classy heels with a big thigh length fur coat that reads ‘Don’t be a drag, just be a queen’ and a slicked back pony tail – the women knows how to bring the fun in a classy way. Take a note out of Lizzo’s book. Be a Queen and have a ball throwing your most unlikely pieces together.

Colour Blocking Always

The Versace 2022 Summer Runway was a festival for the eyes. A mix and match of vibrant colours and simplistic accessories. Its obvious that the rules have been rewritten – with the clothing itself being the statement whilst the accessories sink into the background. Dua Lipa made an appearance on the runway, in a hot pick shimmery two piece. ‘Keeping it bold’ is the motto for this Spring.

Ugly Sandals

You may be thinking, ‘why “ugly” sandals?’ Well, the trend is leaning towards what was once regarded as the ugliest shoes on the planet, sandals, to now being the understated statement piece in your wardrobe. Take those dusty Birkenstocks out because this Spring they’re having a field day.