Courtesy of R U OK?DAY

R U OK?DAY is designed to encourage us to connect with others, seek help ourselves if needed and foster a space of acceptance, awareness and kindness when it comes to conversations around mental health. Lockdown has been particularly tough for us Sydneysiders, so there is every chance that someone you know might be struggling – your genuine support can make a major difference. Here are some COVID-safe ways to help show your support today and into the future:

Walk and talk

Where exercise is permitted, use the opportunity to go for a walk with someone, have a chat and ask, “are you OK?”

Share positive messages on social media

On R U OK?DAY it is incredibly common (and wonderful) to see lots of people sharing messages of support and care. Whether it is encouraging a conversation or reminding people of the resources available to us, there are lots of positive and informative things we can share using the power of our social network. Templates and suggested posts can be found here.  

Embrace a conversation starter pack

These have become a lifesaver for boring dinner parties pre COVID! Look to conversation starter packs as a way to ignite an interesting conversation in a way that is engaging and relatable – click here to see more.

Host a digital event

Trivia nights, a Kahoot quiz, a catch-up or discussion – there are lots of ways we can connect with those we love via platforms like Zoom.