Madeleine Taplin

As lockdown drags on for millions of people across Australia, many family and friends are wondering how best to help ensure their loved ones are maintaining a good state of wellbeing. In Sydney, this recent lockdown has been the longest the state has experienced, and this has seen an increased sense of feelings of panic and anxiety, not to mention significant increases in loneliness. During this time, an essential strategy to keep stress in check is to communicate with others, so now is the perfect time to check in with your friends and family and support one another.

Whether you live in a lockdown-free State, or are also experiencing these difficult times, there is nothing that brightens spirits more than checking in and listening to one another. An increase in social interaction will never fail to brighten someone’s day. There are plenty of fun new ways to show you care and increase the wellbeing of your loved ones this lockdown!

10 Fun Ways to Show you Care:

  • Trivia Night: Why not make catch ups a little more interesting and organise a trivia session? Perfect for some laughs, this is sure to get spirits rising, and the possibilities for topics are endless!
  • Organising a Zoom Call: One of the easiest ways to get in touch, Zoom calls are the perfect way to have multiple friends and family on the same call, and allows you to feel like you are in a true group setting!
  • Sending a Gift Hamper: Everyone loves receiving presents, so why not send a fun gift hamper? Plenty of shops are now offering to package up their treats and send to your family and friends. Check out Baked by Blonde Butler or My Sweet Box for some amazing treats to make your mouth water!
  • Organise a Walk: Make your exercise time more interesting and organise a walk with your friends and family! Catch up on all the gossip, get some fresh air, and do it a COVID-safe manner!
  • Zoom Dinner and Drinks: Get a group together and eat a meal over Zoom! Whilst it doesn’t quite live up to the dinner outings of old, this is a great alternative to eat, drink and chat from the comfort of your home.
  • Online Sip and Paint: Have a laugh and a chat whilst participating in an online Sip and Paint session. Get those creative juices flowing and make some masterpieces with your loved ones – adult paint by numbers is always a fun option.
  • Exchanging Surprise Packages: In groups, swap names like in Secret Santa, and put together a surprise package to be sent off. More interesting and intriguing than usual packages, this is fun for both the gifter and the giftee!
  • Joint Cooking Classes: Hop on Zoom and participate in a cooking class. You can purchase specialised packages from your favourite chefs or put together your own by selecting a fun recipe to make together.
  • Flowers and Notes: Nothing beats receiving flowers and a handwritten note. Show you care by sending your loved ones their favourite flowers that will help to brighten their home with a little bit of spring colour.

  • Sharing your Home Baking Creations: Baking is a perfect way to spend your free time, but why not share your creations with your loved ones. Then, you have something to chat about and focus on to keep spirits high!