Sara Zarriello

Keeping fit and feeling good has never been easier, with quick at home exercises at the click of a button. Check out these links to some of the best and easiest at home exercises accessible to everyone.

For Yoga Fanatics

This is a 20-minute home yoga workout that is slow and thoughtful. Get in touch with your innermost self and let your mind relax and focus on stillness for a little while. Lauren calmly takes you through some beginner’s exercises and stretches. Keep your mind and body connected at the link.

For Zumba Lovers

Daisy takes you through a 30-minute, chair Zumba workout that will get the blood pumping and sweat going. Energetic and soft on the joints, it’s the perfect workout for anyone needing a little TLC. Check it out here.

For Beginners and Seniors

Bob and Brad keep the laughs going as they lead you through a 9-minute set of chair exercises that focus on the full body. The pair bring their physiotherapist knowledge to the workout and really work on stretching and breathing correctly. Have some fun at this link.

For Mindfulness

Check out this great 10-minute mindfulness meditation. Take a moment today to tune into your breath and loose focus on everything outside of yourself. Remember, working on your mental health is just as important as working on your physical health.