There are some pretty spectacular gardens around the local area, perfectly manicured with time, consideration and passion at the heart. For those who pride themselves on their immaculate residential gardens, it’s worth considering entering the 2021 Sydney Spring Garden Competition!

Free to enter, entries are open for the competition until 13th October, meaning you still have plenty of time to get your front yard into tip top shape. Sydney Spring Garden Competition judge, Cecily Rogers OAM notes how the gardens are assessed, highlighting the core purpose is for gardens to beautify streets – the simple pleasure of sharing a garden with the general public. “As a judge, we are looking at everything from the plant selection, colour arrangement, quality of the plants, to the sustainability and practicality of the garden. Each garden is judged from street view, exactly as the general public would enjoy it.” Run by the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW, the same people behind the iconic Royal Easter Show, the competition continues the tradition of fostering excellence in horticulture.

How to Get Your Garden, Competition-Ready

Honorary Vice-President of the Royal Horticultural Society of NSW, Cecily Rogers OAM shares her top tips when it comes to curating a perfect garden ready to be judged:

  1. Imaginative and unique qualities are key in terms of the garden’s design.
  2. Look for harmony and unity for placement/ layout.
  3. Consider the vista or skyline.
  4. Consider soft elements – this includes trees, lawns, shrubs and vines.
  5. Be sure to opt for soft elements that are visually suitable as well.
  6. The health of plants and their groupings are important.
  7. Consider hard elements – paving, retaining walls and ornamental structures.
  8. Say no to weeds and pests.
  9. Embrace mulch and irrigation.
  10. Remember overall maintenance