Kerrie Erwin

From an early age, I knew my purpose was to help people with my mediumship and psychic gifts. After studying mediumship in spiritual churches, sitting in development circles for years with trance mediumship and running my own closed group with seances, I gradually developed very strong guides to join my spirit team of highly evolved angel helpers. It was no surprise I was later told by my guide, White Feather and one of my old teachers from my early days as a young medium, that I would be doing rescue work, by far one of the rarest forms of mediumship. These spirit rescue guides can create a strong link to the lost entity, helping them cross into the light.

Today almost everyone has had some type of encounter or experience with a ghost, has been on a ghost tour, or heard a few spooky stories from friends or loved ones. In fact as soon as I mention what I do, people will always tell me about some kind of encounter! These days there’s confirmation of the existence of ghosts through television shows about experienced paranormal investigators and haunted places, and reports on social media. The work I do is called spirit rescue and this involves me sending spirits back into the spirit world. I have met many different types of people from all walks of life and nationalities that have experienced this type of phenomenon. It’s hard to believe the number of cases mediums like myself have worked on and the stories we could tell. These earthbound spirits do not belong in our world and live in a grey world called the astral and need assistance to leave.


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