Isabella Ross

Spring is in the air and around the corner – thank god many of us are thinking given the challenges the last couple of months have been. Although the challenges we currently face will continue into the next month and beyond, it does bring hope to think the new season signifies a fresh start of sorts. An all-round spring clean and rejuvenation could be the perfect solution to help combat feelings of pandemic fatigue and lockdown blues.  


Dusting, embracing some natural light, wiping down surfaces, vacuuming, sorting through cupboards and drawers – there are plenty of ways to do some spring cleaning. Even better, you can do all these simple tasks while blaring some music or listening to a podcast to make the chores easier. Lighting a candle or burning some incense can also be a great way to inject some delightful scents back into the home.

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Yes, self-care is all about maintaining your physical health, but it’s also important to not forget your mental wellbeing. Whether it’s a relaxing bath, using some beauty products or having a delicious brew, there are countless ways to incorporate some self-care into your everyday routine.

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Adding certain powders to your drink of choice is a great way to ensure you are getting a good number of vitamins, probiotics and fibre into your diet. One option is a super-greens supplement – a fantastic choice for an overall hit of goodness, not to mention it can be great for your skin and general complexion. For gut-health, look at taking some probiotics or prebiotics, or potentially a fibre supplement.

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