Sara Zarriello

Establishing a traditional focal point within a space is difficult. It can get overwhelming choosing the right complementary colour palette and the perfect framing interiors. Turning a functional home office into one that is nuanced by design and comfort could be the perfect way to ensure you feel engaged and inspired within your workspace.   


A home office needs to be both functional and warm whilst still reflecting your personality. Choosing a space you think will enhance these aspects in your home is key. Pro tip: Pick a space which you feel congenial in but not cosy enough for sleeping – like the kitchen, living room or hallway. Try to avoid the bedroom as an office space to maximise productivity and energy.

Choosing a Dynamic Space

Do not fear moulding your home office into other parts of your home. If you have a greenhouse, garage or loft space you don’t use – turn it into a beautiful office space that both gets you away from the house and promotes a work life balance so you can easily leave the space once work is over. Pro tip: Remember a space is what you make it. Pick where you feel your most inspired and use it to your advantage.

Mixing It Up

If you thrive on constantly moving around rather than staying stagnant in one spot – no worries! How about taking your home office wherever you feel in the moment is the right space. If you need to drag your laptop to the kitchen table one day to work and then the next day you want to work outside in the sun – do it. A home office is completely conducive on how you work best. Pro tip: If you’re worried that constantly moving around might make you unproductive, have 3 things to take with you to create the feeling of a structured space wherever you go.

Light Light Light!

Having sunlight and a view can instantly make a space more vibrant and interesting, and after all, the point of a home office is to inspire productivity and creativity. Pro tip: Pick a space with a window or a balcony so that inspiration is never too far.

Surround Yourself With Things you Love

Don’t skip out on filling your space with homewares or storage solutions and potentially some funky art! Boxing yourself in by creating a space that is purely for work purposes is draining and makes it a space you will eventually try to avoid. Make your home office an inviting space. Pro tip: Fill your decorative shelves with things you are passionate about – books, old cameras or plants!