Isabella Ross

Who said fashion had to be boring? Injecting some colour into your wardrobe promotes self-expression, fun, creativity and a bit of all-rounded joy.

What is Colour-Blocking?

It’s a very clever styling trick that fashionistas have been showcasing for eons – pairing pieces of clothing that are the same or of a very similar colour to create a head-to-toe block colour outfit. It’s not just clothes either – accessories are another fantastic way to embrace a vibrant hue, ensuring a seamless look.

Bold Colours

For those who love a bright outfit, be bold and inventive! Jewellery is a fantastic way to pull together a look and bring some colour further, as highlighted in the orange-esque get-up above. Bright and funky citrus tones, shades of blue (including teal, navy, aqua, baby blue and more) – there are so many ways to be tonal when it comes to fashion.

Neutral Colours

If really bold prints and colours aren’t your vibe, no need to feel left out – you can still embrace colour-blocking when it comes to neutral tones too. Pink is a very simple and flattering colour palette that universally suits all shapes, sizes, colours, ages and genders. A candy pink dress, soft pink bag, nude-coloured heels and rose lip to match – genius. Beige is also a great shade to work with – a cream top, camel-coloured flare pants, tan slides and chocolate brown sunglasses.

Breaking the ‘Rules’

Conventionally, colour-blocking is specific to only one colour but there is no reason why you can’t double it up and colour-block with two contrasting hues! Pink and teal are a classic combination, along with black and white or orange and blue – the options are endless, so embrace the rainbow.

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