Isabella Ross

Warmth from Art: Being bold and fun is great when it comes to styling your interior this winter. Especially amid COVID-10 restrictions, our homes have become our everyday reality, so it’s high time we add warmth and character to them. An easy way to do this is always through art – sourcing pieces that can complement a room and be the perfect focal point. There’s now a very simple and affordable way to add colour and style to your home, thanks to Melbourne entrepreneur Simone Kelly and her online business Gussy Dup. The business provides colourful and vibrant art for the home, pieces that are modern and reflect a variety of personalities.

Complementary Colours: If you are a bit unsure about how to inject colour into your home and choose tones that will work with one another, why not embrace the iconic colour wheel! Complementary colours are two shades that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel – examples being black and white or orange and blue. It is quite high contrast but implementing variation shades within complementary colour duo makes all the difference when blended with neutrals. For example, look at this article’s main image, the bedroom image on the left-hand side – using warm earthy oranges and cool cadet blues, the colours absolutely complement each other and look fabulous!

Luscious Leather: Warm tones are loved throughout the year with design enthusiasts, especially in the winter months. Even better is when warmer tones are paired with a luscious leather material. Whether its camel, chocolate, tan – you name it, there are plenty of coloured leather varieties when it comes to furnishings.  Armchairs and lounges are always a nice go-to.