Madeleine Taplin

In the past year we have witnessed some of the most detrimental natural disasters that have impacted homes, families and animals. Sadly, most of the harm the environment has suffered is caused by society and the unsustainable daily habits we live by. As such, more people are beginning to switch their lives for the better, choosing to protect our planet by living a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle.

There are multiple ways in which we can strive to live a more sustainable lifestyle, and this could start with making the switch to sustainable makeup. According to the EPA, 80.1 million tonnes of waste in 2017 was made up of packing materials, most coming from beauty products. Additionally, so many beauty products are made from unsustainable products, or are produced in an unsustainable manner. In 2021, it is time that we start to make a more conscious effort to live more sustainably, starting with our makeup products. Here are some of the best sustainable makeup brands available in Australia to help you get started on your journey to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Raww Australian Organics:

Stocking a range of products including skincare and makeup, Raww’s products are cruelty-free (many are also vegan), and are certified Cosmos Natural, which essentially means that they use all natural and organic ingredients. If you like the sound of this brand, you must try out their Acai Berry Glow Illuminator and Buffing Brush. This crème highlighter is a phenomenal product, with the shimmery illuminator at one end and the built-in buffing brush on the other!

Eco Minerals:

Known as the original Australian mineral foundation company, this brand was ahead of the curve in terms of sustainability and utilising natural ingredients. Today, they have a range of fully sustainable, vegan, and eco-friendly makeup products, including highlighters and lipsticks, with many of the products coming with zero-waste refills.

Karen Murrell:

This New Zealand brand produces some of the best sustainable lipsticks. All sticks are cruelty-free and nasty additive free, with the brand working towards fully sustainable packaging utilising vegetable ink printing on the boxes. Check out the Orchid Bloom lipsticks, which is the perfect shade for work and play, with a smooth glide application and guaranteed to last all day.

Moogoo Makeup:

Originally a brand that focussed on creating and providing products such as face washes and soap for those with sensitive skin, Moogoo has recently branched out to include a new makeup brand. All their makeup is 100% natural, vegan friendly, and free from a range of preservatives, parabens and so much more. Make sure to have a look at their fantastic eyeshadow pallets and their Mineral Mascara!