Madeleine Taplin

The bedroom is the space in which we as individuals can truly express ourselves to our fullest. Whether it be through wall paint, wall fixtures, lighting or a selection of trinkets, the bedroom is our personal sanctuary. However, the most important part of the bedroom is of course the bed! Sometimes, beds can become dour and drab, blending into basicness rather than shining with personality, or matching the room décor. It’s time to give your bed a little makeover to ensure it perfectly fits your vision for the room.  

The Bed:

Of course, the most important thing to consider when redecorating your bedroom space is the style of bed. When looking at purchasing a new bed, think about the space you have available, and how you wish to use the space. For example, if your room is quite narrow, a smaller bed such as a double might better suit your needs to ensure plenty of space to walk around. Additionally, you could choose to go with a larger bed in order to make a statement, such as a queen or a king. These larger beds provide more room to decorate and can ensure the space doesn’t feel too busy or overwhelming.

Headboard City:

Picking an appropriate headboard can be really difficult, especially since this is one of the first pieces of design you need to decide on. Start by thinking about the types of colours you want in your finished space – are you looking to go with warm tonnes, a calming effect or maybe even an earthy vibe? Then, start thinking about the styles you prefer. Fabric headboards are certainly all the rage right now but consider a multi-functional headboard as an alternative. These headboards can provide storage space for books, clocks and other devices, meaning you may not necessarily require a bedside table, which is perfect for those a little short on space.

Matching Colour Schemes:

An eye-catching bed space relies heavily on the perfect balance of colours in the space. This means, you can’t choose too many overwhelming colours for the space, and neglect some of those more basic and neutral tones. Some great colour combinations and the vibes they provide are:

  • Bohemian Blues: Mediterranean inspired, this theme utilises bright blue accents on white or light grey bases. This creates a very calm environment and can be especially wonderful if you live near the sea.
  • Mid Century Modern Pink: Shades of rose and dusty pinks dominate this theme. Use the pinks to create vibrancy and colour in the pillows, headboards and throws, and pair with golden accents and striking steel grey.
  • Scandinavian Pastels: Cool, modern and comforting, this theme pairs pastels of grey, pink and blue with white, whilst utilising some brighter colours such as orange as accent pieces.

Pillows and Throws:

The perfect way to inject a bit of personality is through the use of pillows and throws. Truthfully, there is no real wrong way to go about this step, but there are some basic methods you can use to create fantastic pillow arrangements. Think about layering and textures, specifically how these create a cohesive space. For styling a king bed, consider purchasing a selection of king-size pillows to ensure they don’t look small against the bed. Accent pillows provide a great space to draw attention to the bed and a range of different textures and fabrics. In terms of throws, be sure to match them with the vibe of the room. If you have a more minimalistic look going on, consider purchasing something bright and fun to place on the end of the bed. Alternatively, try matching the headboard to the throw, to help tie in the spaces together.