Matthew Wai

Along with the opening of the borders to most states, people are looking to travel interstate to enjoy their precious holidays after a load of hard work. However, the desire to travel overseas remains. Hence, the introduction of the following location is to allow travellers to experience a slight resemblance from other nations with their interstate travels. In comes the city of Hahndorf.

Hahndorf, located within a 30-minute drive from Adelaide is an extraordinary place to experience the old ages of Germany but in South Australia. With its rich and flavourful agricultural environment from the farming background, Hahndorf has turned into a unique tourist attraction, great for a weekend trip. The buildings with amazing bakeries present a sense of Germany. Famous for its farming area and alcohol productions, the highlight of Hahndorf does not stop from its main street of surprises. There is endless fun and entertainment with the explorations of toys, antiques and books on the main road. Hahndorf also offers a load of activities through the Beerenberg Farm where you and your family could grab an insight into nature’s wildlife and hand pick your strawberries in the creation of the beautiful tasting jam. The wineries in Hahndorf Hill, Sidewood Estate and The Lane Vineyard are brilliant ones to visit, enjoying a sip of the rewarding drink before leaving.

With food, picturesque accommodation, wineries, history, art and culture, family fun and more – Hahndorf is a little slice of Germany we can all visit in Australia.