Matthew Wai

As we all know, Mother’s Day is approaching. Some of us are well prepared for the special day for our precious mum. Others, maybe not! Hence, we hope the following ideas will ensure a great Mother’s Day for you and the special maternal woman in your life.

Gifts: Sometimes little gifts from their children are what mothers cherish the most. If you seek answers from us in obtaining a specific present for your mum, the options are endless! However, see if she has lost a thing or two in the past or look for what she likes to do. For example, if she has lost a ring recently, maybe getting her another one would be a lovely act. Overall, a good gift often depends on the sincerity and effort you put into it.

Day Trip: Gifts aren’t always necessary in satisfying your mum on Mother’s Day. Sometimes, mothers may want to spend some time with the family. In that case, you could plan a day trip to one of the local beaches or national parks. Activities could vary from a picnic, hiking session or a special lunch.

Initiative: If you have finite time to spend with your mum on the day, take the initiative and surprise her with things that she would appreciate. Examples include housework or assisting with what mum needs help with. After all, mothers appreciate whatever things you do for them, as it is the thought that counts!