Madeleine Taplin

There is no question that the importance of the kitchen is heads above everything else in the home. Without a kitchen that functions well, it can be really difficult to spend any amount of time in the space, let alone be able to produce something the whole family can enjoy. The kitchen needs to both work hard and look good, and with so many varying design ideas on the market, it can be overwhelming to consider. Luckily for you, we have all the design tips you need to make this space into a relaxed, well-flowing and practical zone.

Wide Walkways:

One of the first steps in designing the kitchen involves the layout and floorplan. You must consider all possible ways of movement through the space. Ensure that you create enough space between cabinetry and the island to move comfortably, whether that be in a frantic cooking rush, or if you need to accommodate for more than one cook. This helps to create a good flow and avoid congestion.

Island Functions:

There is no doubt that a kitchen island significantly improves the aesthetic looks of a kitchen, but it also can provide a sitting area, a separate washup zone and massive amounts of prep area. When designing your kitchen, think about what the main functions of your island bench will be. If you wish to cook and eat on the island, plan for enough space so that the cooktop is safely separated from the dining area. Consider placing a sink and dishwasher next to the dining area for fast and smooth clean-up.

Mixing Materials:

A great way to create contrast and depth to the kitchen space is by utilising numerous types of materials. Not only does it brighten the space, but it can also be incredibly practical for both the cooks and the rest of the family. Think about combining wooden shelves and cabinets with marble benchtops. The wood is easy to clean up if anything happens to spill down the side, and the marble provides a high quality, smart look to the space.

Focal point:

Choose one space in the kitchen to draw the eye and make a bold statement. This could include a fancy backsplash tile, a sizable range hood in the centre of the space, bright kitchen cabinets, marble benchtops and so much more. This focus point will act as the ‘WOW’ factor in the space, and you should complement this main area with a few quieter but still eye-catching details.