Madeleine Taplin

Have you recently found yourself having a lot of spare time on your hands? Then maybe it is time to invest in a new hobby – arts and crafts! As seniors, it is the perfect time to invest some time into learning and gaining knowledge around a range of skills, all of which will benefit other parts of your life. If you are stuck for where to start, here are some great crafts to get stuck into this autumn!


Ah, we love the smell of oil paints in the morning! Painting is a perfect skill for first time crafters to enjoy. Not only does it improve hand-eye coordination, it encourages individuals to look for the smaller details in life, which can often lead to a far more fulfilled lifestyle. Expressing yourself and the way you see the world is the perfect way to engage in craft, and it doesn’t matter if you are good or not – practice makes perfect! If you prefer to teach yourself, it is very easy to set up painting spaces in the home, otherwise you can invest in a couple of art classes. ‘Cork and Chroma’ and ‘Pinot and Picasso’ are fun introductions to painting, combined with socialisation and a little bit of wine! Classes can be found across Sydney.


There is nothing more satisfying than pulling out the sewing machine and creating something magical! The art of sewing allows individuals to delve into their creative side, crafting clothing, homewares and much more. Ideal for those with a sewing machine, it is also possible to create magical pieces by hand. There are multiple sewing schools across the North Shore, from Chatswood up to Hornsby, but some of the best are located in the CBD. Here, you will learn all the basics of sewing so you can go home and create to your hearts content!


Woodworking has been around for centuries and is an incredibly disciplined and highly regarded art form, perfect for your next journey into crafts! Wood is a fantastic natural material, and perfect for those with a love of nature and hand-crafted pieces. Participate in an initial woodworking class where you learn to use the traditional tools, as well as the techniques, all whilst having a chat! Once initial skills have developed this craft can be brought into your own backyard where you can create and take inspiration from the nature around you.


One of the most popular forms of craft, knitting has a long history and is well known for its health benefits. The activity has been shown to lower blood pressure, and even the slow onset of dementia. It helps to reduce anxiety and distract from chronic pain, and thus is a very popular choice among citizens. Whether you create simple blankets or advance to more difficult items such as jumpers, there is no denying the joy and satisfaction gained from knitting. Countless classes are available for beginners across the North Shore, so you are sure to find one that suits your needs.