Matthew Wai

Fishing is an activity ideal to not only calm your mind or slow down the rapid lifestyle you already have but can also be full of accomplishments and fulfilments!

Benefits of Fishing:

Fishing as an outdoor activity that could consist of multiple advantages and benefits for any individual. One of the greatest benefits to the mind would be increasing your concentration. As being busy and occupied individuals, we are incredibly prone to focusing and concentrating due to multitasking override. Fishing however, could assist us by allowing us to observe and feel the environment and nature with silence. That contrast will enable us to calm our minds and slow down pace accordingly. Fishing can also be a great stress reliever stress – not to mention, depending on the location where you fish, a fresh piece for dinner is always nice!  

Cremorne Point: It is a ferry wharf, so it will be necessary to watch out for the ferries and passengers while fishing at the spot. This location offers a safe environment to fish which also include a fantastic view of the Sydney Harbour colliding into your sight.

Little Manly: It is a great spot off the shore, and the water is clear as crystal! This location is not easily accessible by public transport, so it is highly recommended to drive there if possible. It is also a highly populated area on the weekend, so you may want to arrive early in securing the desired location for yourself!

Fishing License: It is essential to purchase and obtain a fishing license before initiating any fishing process. You will be fined heavily on the spot if you cannot present a Valid Fishing License.