Isabella Ross

Many of us are looking to kick start a healthy lifestyle. In this confusing realm of weight loss news, it is important that you follow the advice of a professional. So, who better than Tiffiny Hall herself, previous Biggest Loser trainer and founder of online health and fitness program TIFFXO. Sydney Observer sat down with Tiff to discuss all things health and fitness and five weight loss myths you need to stop believing.

  1. Restricting calories is the key to weight loss. FALSE!

“If you want to make sustainable changes to your life, restricting calories isn’t the answer. You may be depriving your body of vital nutrients like protein and carbohydrates, which help burn fat and build lean muscle. Plus, you are more likely to go overboard and binge later,” reveals Tiff. Opt to eat from every food group and enjoy food rather than restricting it.

2. You need to spend hours in the gym. FALSE!

“It is the opposite actually! If you spend hours in the gym doing the same thing over and over, your body gets used to the movement, making the workout less effective. Instead, aim for short powerful workouts that keep your body guessing.” For high intensity resistance training, try Tiff’s 20-minute TIFFXO workouts.

3. Juice fasts and detox teas help you lose weight for good. FALSE!

“Restricting calories is bad news. Well, the same goes for juice fasts and ‘teatoxes’. While you may lose weight during the fast, you’re going to put it straight back on afterwards.”

4. You can’t lose weight if you’re over 50. FALSE!

“Ever think back to your younger years where you could eat whatever you want, without the scales shifting? I sure do!” While it’s true that everybody changes with age, there is still no reason you cannot lose weight.

5. Shedding kilos will instantly make you healthier. FALSE

“Losing weight does not automatically improve your wellbeing, and if you’re using drastic measures it could make your health worse. If you do have a weight loss goal, try to combine it with a fitness goal. That way you’ll be happy and healthy in no time.”