Madeleine Taplin

As we come into autumn, it is the perfect time to refresh your living spaces, particularly the sitting room! One of the most important rooms, the sitting room sets a tone for the home, and plays a large role in entertaining guests, as well as functioning as a relaxation zone for the family. Whether you plan on doing a few touch-ups, creating a new vibe, or perhaps a complete re-do, there are many things for you to consider in order to make that room shine!

Inviting furniture:

A key aspect of the sitting room is the functionality of the space working in tandem with the selected furniture. You need to be aware of traffic flow in the space, where people might want to sit and have a conversation, and what the focal piece of the room is going to be. I would suggest picking furniture that is comfortable to sit on yet exudes a sense of professionalism and class. This way you can have the best of both worlds.

Floor-art Rugs:

Rugs are one of the key aspects of a sitting room, and they help to provide warmth and personality to the room. Be sure to consider size above anything else, as a rug that is too small for the room can make the space seem disjointed. Ensure all the furniture sits on at least part of the rug, and that the rug doesn’t run to the walls. If you like to make a statement, consider trying an artwork rug, which features patterns and colour to spice up the space.

Art-empty walls are a sign of an incomplete room:

There is no doubt that artworks lift a space significantly, whether that be in creating a sense of light, comfort or warmth. An important thing to remember is that the piece doesn’t need to be expensive to create an enticing and cohesive look. Follow your instincts and let your heart guide you on what piece is perfect for you.


If you have the opportunity, I would certainly recommend building shelves and cupboards into the walls. This helps to free up floor space for furniture and allows the room to look less cluttered and more elegant. Timber built-ins always look wonderful and can help with organisation a little more. This way you can keep extra throws, cushions, books and other items hidden away when they aren’t required.