Nishthaa Verma

This year, let’s get crazy, let’s get creative – your hair is a canvas! After all, great hair is the best accessory. Have a look below at some of the best trending hairstyles of 2021.

Bold, Blunt Cuts:

Wait, did you just think that they are out of fashion? Absolutely not! Who doesn’t think a short cut is fun and flirty. They are back and it seems like they will overpower other haircuts in 2021. If you are looking for a natural cut, then, this one is definitely for you.

Shags, oh Shags:

Quite rock ‘n’ roll, the shag haircut is incredibly popular. Not to mention it can be a flattering way to frame the face. Plus they look so cool. The more you see it, the more you love it. Go give it a try if you love short, wild, curly hair.


This one is surely a big attraction, particularly trending on Tik Tok and Pinterest. It will give you a total refreshed look and it suits any haircut or length. Try it out and get as much attention as you want. Afterall, it will make many heads turn around!

Long and Layered Cut:

I know short hair is in fashion, but let’s not forget, long hair is no less loved. Style your long, luscious hair in an iconic retro style and impress yourself, which of course is most important.