Matthew Wai

With the pandemic still affecting travel, it can be a great struggle to locate a place to have a vacation for your next holiday. In this series, ‘Where Can I Go?’, we will uncover the hidden gems around Australia in helping you to find your next destination for your vacation amid this pandemic.

Today’s destination will be set in Boneyard, Kiama. The fierce name of ‘Boneyard’ perhaps came from the sandless beach it consists of – i.e. the rocky coast. However, in contrast with the famous localised shore like Bondi Beach, it contains a quiet environment, making it attractive to people seeking peace when on a seaside holiday. It also consists of an agricultural environment along the beach’s walk, shining a rare view of both beautiful plants and the enormous ocean in one sight. The Boneyard certainly isn’t the only place in Kiama that deserves a visit; there are also other attraction points like the Kiama Coastal Walk. Saddleback Mountain lookout is another showstopper. This location is recommended to experience the beauty of Australia’s wildlife as well. There are also over 150 restaurants around the area for you to test your tastebuds. It is indeed a utopia for the people searching for relaxation and restoration. So, if you are looking for an Australian yet refreshing experience, Kiama is what you are looking for!

Images courtesy of Visit NSW: