Nishthaa Verma

Just like any other area of the house, the bathroom is a very important design statement. Not only is it ideal to keep clean and tidy, but you can also try to add some life and personality through decorating it however you want. Below are some tips which can help you design your bathroom, based on what is currently trending.

Be Bold with your Vanity:

A vanity is one of the big ticket items in the space, not to mention a really stylish piece of bathroom furniture. These days, there are lots of options for people who want to decorate single or double sink vanity cabinets. Different colours, shapes, sizes and materials on offer. Be it traditional, modern, or vintage, one can design it as per their choice. Monochrome, sandy toned tiles and sleek and simple silver tapware are nice and fresh trends to consider.  

Styling a Bath Tray:

Styling bath trays are very popular. With so many of us having the luxury of a nice bath, why not enhance its aesthetic further. It will make for a very picturesque final look! These days, designing picture-perfect houses is a goal for all homemakers, and when it comes to bathrooms, nobody wants to stay behind. Consider candles, crystals, a small pot plant, face towel, soap or a loofa.

Add Indoor Plants:

As we all know, plants breathe life into a space, providing light, movement and actual health benefits when used indoors. Not only do they look gorgeous but they also can be an integral part of your design process. I recommend Mother in Law’s Tongue, Maidenhair Fern or Devil’s Ivy, as they are all great plant options that will do well in this environment and enhance the beauty of your bathroom.