Matthew Wai

NSW Department of Education has announced significant changes to the education curriculum as of 2022. With the curriculum evolution announcement, students are soon to be able to select up to twenty new digitally enabled courses, including robotics and engineering, for their HSC, ultimately contributing to their ATAR.

The Vocational Education and Training (VET) allows students to get in touch/be exposed to their desired and interested career paths. This early exposure can strengthen their understanding and ability in working in a particular industry for their future career path.

“These courses will help students build skills across emerging industries such as advanced manufacturing, technology and engineering,” Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

This change of methodology has undoubtedly opened up new doors in the education system of NSW. It can be expected that courses within the other industries will slowly be introduced in the future curriculum depending on the success of VET. This revolutionary change occurred as some studies have suggested that students should have the curriculum based on their readiness instead of their ages. This expansion of the curriculum could allow students to choose and select the most interested and desired courses unrelated to the mainstream curriculum, potentially assisting them in optimising their results.

Increased categories of learning could mean there will also be an increasing rate of employment and opportunities. Correlating to the opportunities given, the new schemes (JobTrainer, Summer Skills) implemented by the NSW Department of Education could also gain a significant amount of attention.