Isabella Ross

With the New Year comes a cascading list of unachievable expectations and pressures that we put upon ourselves. Whether it is to do with weight, happiness, money, relationships or success, it is crucial that we prioritise self-love and acceptance overall. There is no denying that 2020 was a year of great complexity and challenges. Yet it was also a year of growth. Taking this newfound growth and adaptability into the New Year is the goal!

The key to sticking to your aspirations for 2021 is to be realistic yet hopeful. Make smaller goals that can then help you achieve the ultimate goal. For example, start with a budget and the process of maintaining it. Then, focus on saving, applying for Home Loans and finally after lots of effort, purchasing your first investment. By looking at goals as a small step-by-step process, there is less existential stress and more accurate patterns of action you can follow.

A great New Year’s resolution for 2021 is to always find 3 positive things to be grateful for each day. We all live such chaotic lives, and sometimes we tend to see the negative side of situations rather than the positive. So, to maintain this resolution, the best course of action is to make it a daily routine – whether it is done in a journal, said out loud or in your head. The point is to change your pattern of thinking and try to see the brighter side of life. I would recommend the journal option, as studies have consistently shown that penning thought to paper is a great way to free the mind and note your feelings with clarity and conviction.

Sydney Observer’s Top 10 New Year Resolution Ideas:

1. Always find 3 positive things to be grateful for each day

2. Make your mental health a priority

3. Exercise to feel good, not to be thinner

4. Gain knowledge and interest from reading

5. Stay in contact with people who matter

6. Be ambitious but not self-critical

7. Beware procrastination

8. Give someone a compliment each day

9. Drink in moderation

10. Learn to let go of the past