Isabella Ross

With the New Year comes the time to refresh your interior – out with the old and in with the new! Refreshing your design and décor can always feel like a bit of a challenge and definitely overwhelming. But not to fear, because all it takes are simple strategies that can make a great difference. Whether it is colour, textiles or standout furniture pieces, there is something to suit every budget.

Let Artwork Inspire

Art is a very personal expression of taste and creativity. Everyone likes different art pieces, whether it is Indigenous dot paintings, traditional scenic murals or modern sculptures. My recommendation is to pick something you feel a connection to, and then base your colour scheme on the tones within the artwork.

Storage Strategies are Key

A mundane but essential activity, maintaining a clutter-free space that is organised accordingly is really important, especially for family households. Garages are often teeming with forgotten items, out-of-date tech junk, as well as cleaning, gardening and tool supplies. First and foremost, get rid of anything unnecessary– it may be challenging to let go, but chances are if you have not used it in 5 years, you probably will not for the next 5 years either. Storage solutions such as maximising on wall space with hooks, plastic tubs and built-in shelving are all options.

Focus on the Basics

All it takes is a transformation of the basics to make a difference in your home’s décor. First, start with the linen – picking a new doona cover is always a great way to spruce up a bedroom – something airy and not too busy. Natural lighting is also a must-have, especially in spring. Skylights are a great addition throughout your space, as well as choosing light-optimal blinds like shutters for your windows. Refresh your painting where needed and add a new cushion or two – humble steps that should not break the bank.