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As Principal of Belle Property Lindfield, Geoff Dean has a comprehensive understanding of the local property market. Sydney Observer sat down with Geoff to discuss what the housing market is looking like this month and how sellers can increase the value of their home.

How did you start in real estate?

I was working nights at Macquarie Bank as a broker. I was trying to buy a place on the Upper North Shore, and I had a good budget but felt I wasn’t being serviced as well as I could have been by the local agents at the time. So, I went and got my certificate and made the move to being a real estate agent. One of the key drivers for house prices is interest rates and having a good understanding of how that works but more importantly a good understanding of the market is important.

How would you describe the Ku-ring-gai area to interested buyers?

Ku-ring-gai Council does it best when they say, ‘Sydney’s Green Heart.’ The Gordon to Roseville area is really not far from town. We are getting thousand square metres up in terms of blocks of land here – you just can’t get that in other areas in Sydney. The value of them is just going to keep increasing. Ku-ring-gai is actually a good buy as well, if you look at the square metre rate for Ku-ring-gai, it’s incredibly cheap compared to areas in Sydney that people would consider a ‘lesser area.’

Is there is a good mix of modern and heritage-style residences on offer in Lindfield?

Certainly! If you look at places like Turramurra, there has been huge push for knock-down-rebuilds there. In parts of Lindfield that is going to happen more, but you have still got those conservation areas with the beautiful old homes with character.

What is the demographic interested in buying on the North Shore?

We are getting lots of new Australians, and actually a lot of people that grew up on the North Shore coming home too. Families have always been the drive, thanks to the great schools in the area. We are also seeing a change in the behaviour of down sizers, with most staying in the area and moving into single-level houses because there are more things to do locally.

What are some ways sellers can boost the value of their home?

Sellers really need to focus on presentation. It is about making the place look as tidy and well-presented as they can. Get advice from your real estate agent before putting money into the place, as you don’t want to spend money in the wrong area. A brand new ensuite is great but if the rest of place isn’t up to the same standard it’s not worth it. Consistency is key.

What is your advice to home buyers and sellers?

It’s an unknown time at the moment, but I feel that a lot of people have not gone to market because they’re put off by the uncertainty. There has been very little impact of Coronavirus on the North Shore housing market – if anything it has meant a lack of stock, which means buyers have helped vendors achieve their strong results. Focus on what type of property is right for you to be living in and if now is the right time in your life to be selling. If so, I would recommend people focus more on that when it comes to their decision.