Isabella Ross

The picture-perfect island off the coast of New South Wales, Lord Howe Island isn’t a well-known spot compared to several other iconic Aussie destinations. However, what this island lacks in size it makes up for in picturesque beauty. Known for its subtropical forests, crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches, along with an outstanding golf course, Lord Howe Island is most definitely a must-see to put on your travel agenda.

Things to do:

One of the biggest selling points of Lord Howe Island is that it is the perfect spot for those keen on activities and adventure. The island is renowned for its excellent fishing spots, even ranking among the world’s top fishing destinations.Given its crystal-clear waters, Lord Howe is also a great place to marvel at marine life and its reef, with snorkelling and scuba diving available. For a small island, there are also plenty of lovely walks and hikes to go on as well, ranging in moderate walks to those more suited for experienced hikers.

What to see:

In terms of landmark sights to see, there are plenty of extraordinary visual showstoppers, whether it be mountains, beaches or wildlife. Standing tall at 875 metres, Mt Gower is Lord Howe’s highest mountain. If up to it, you can embark on the 8-hour return trek up to the peak, or you can enjoy it from ground level. Ned’s Beach is quite the sight to see – an impressive reef, aquatic life, cerulean ocean. Blinky Beach is also another point of interest not to miss out on seeing. Lord Howe is home to some pretty incredible birds, so if you are an avian fan, you’re in luck! There are 14 species of seabirds that breed in the hundreds of thousands at Lord Howe, that are sure to make for excellent bird watching during their specific breeding seasons.

Where to stay:

There isn’t much variety when it comes to accommodation selection, given just how small the island itself is. Apartments, beach houses and lodges for interested travellers to select from – just get in quick and book ahead. Rest assured however, there are some great eateries to choose from, with casual and contemporary dining available.