Isabella Ross

Geometric shapes can really add personality to a space, not to mention a significant amount of architectural flair. As of late, contemporary design has been characterised heavily by straight, clean, crisp lines. This ‘boxy’ ‘rigid’ structure can often be a little clinical when put into action. Perhaps this is why we are all now crazy about the curves!

History Embracing Curves:

Just like our bodies, architectural curves have also boomed in popularity, with more emphasis now on shape and arches rather than the contrasting. The shape of the arch itself is actually steeped in history, used throughout Ancient Egypt, Greece and Roman architecture. Even now, looking at the remains of Romanesque architecture today, it is evident that vertical curved structures are of great abundance.

How to Incorporate in your Interiors:

Homewares such as candles, vases and mirrors are all features to consider, with lots of shops now offering curved-edge pieces. Wallpaper is another great way to showcase this shape, whether you design it yourself or choose from a range of ready-made geometric patterns. Prints and artwork can embrace this too. Big statement structural pieces like furniture will really make an impact in the home – look to chaise lounges, curved armchairs or even oval dining tables! The options are endless.