With November almost over, Sydney Observer reflects on some of our favourite wellness, beauty and lifestyle trends for the year, as covered in our previous issues.

Sculpting with Gua Shas

Similar to jade rollers, the Gua Sha is another Ancient Chinese tradition. Using the heart-shaped massage tool, you can sculpt the skin to improve circulation and perform lymphatic drainage. By doing this, the skin will appear more ‘sculpted’ and firmer – something we all absolutely love! Made out of crystal, commonly jade or rose quartz, Gua Shas have catapulted in popularity, so why not give it a go yourself. Beauty stores like Mecca and Sephora sell these.


A form of vitamin B3, niacinamide may have a complex name, but it is a reasonably easy ingredient, common in face serums, to get your head around. It is associated with healing and soothing properties, not to mention its hydration factor and capacity to assist in ageing and environmental damage. Sounds like a blessing! The Ordinary is a great inexpensive brand to consider for Niacinamide.

The CSIRO Diet

CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet has been around for quite some time but continues to be a staple diet regime for many. Scientifically designed, the CSIRO diet plan is geared towards those aiming for fat loss, with meals centred around high protein and low GI as opposed to carbs. A more sustainable diet than many others, this one is designed to fit with a busy lifestyle, so the recipes and meal plans can flexibly suit family-oriented situations.

Goat’s Milk Products

Working well on all skin types, goat’s milk is making a definite name for itself. Recommended by dermatologists, goat’s milk has been seen to have numerous benefits including adding moisture to the skin, preventing fine lines and wrinkles and helping reduce breakouts. The Goat’s Milk collection from The Australian Cosmetics Company (TACC) is one Sydney Observer can recommend, having tried it ourselves. The collection includes hand creams, body wash, body cream and soaps – each being delicately fragranced with Paw Paw, Kakadu Plum, Finger Lime, Lavender or Wildflowers.

Silicon-free Hair Products

There has been some conversation in the beauty world as of late surrounding silicone in haircare products. Long term concerns of using treatments with silicone consistently include build up and hair brittleness, not to mention its damaging effect on curly hair. Now is the time to give silicone-free hair products a go – one Aussie brand on the rise is Marc Daniels Professional, with their silky soft Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner being free of sulphate and silicone – win win!

Radiant Makeup

Natural-looking sparkling skin has gained traction all over the world as can be seen on the red carpet and all over Instagram. Enhance your skin by using a dewy-finish base with a radiant glow. It’s time for matte addicts to look away, as gloss is back and it’s trendier than ever before! Tons of liquid foundations have an illuminating glow which help to give your skin a youthful and fresh complexion.

Powdered Nails

If you have not managed to curb your addiction to the gel nails, prepare to get obsessed with powder dipping. This new trend in manicure includes dipping the nails into a powder jar of colour. They not only solve the ruined polish problem but are also quick and pain-free to remove. The manicure can last longer than conventional polishes, has no noxious odour and does not harden with UV light. Powder manicure is gaining popularity because of its innovative and hassle-free element.