Isabella Ross

Rocking Nursing Chair:

Rocking chairs are popular among new mums as the soft rocking movement is one of the most common ways to get a newborn to sleep. This camel tone should make cleaning easy and can be accessorised with a cushion or throw rug.

Changing Pad Kit:

No need to buy a changing table. If the space isn’t available in your nursery – no worries! Instead purchase a changing pad kit. These small, light, foldable and transportable mats can be secured onto a low dresser tabletop, with both sides often made of cushioned fabric, with a waterproof layer on top.

Neutral Wallpaper

There is nothing more time-consuming than having to re-design a kid’s bedroom constantly as their interests change. Most parents don’t have the spare time, so opting for a wall colour or paper that is neutral and for a large age range is key. This cute yet simple wallpaper is a great example – the neutral tone and pattern will complement the changing rotation of bedspreads and toys to come.

Image credits: Innovate Interiors, Figsparrow, Baby Lurve.