Eliza Cusack

With warmer days quickly approaching, now is a great time to incorporate some interior design trends that can create that effortless summer vibe in your home. 

Bring the Outdoors in:

Bringing a variety of indoor plants into your home can really help to improve the mood and feel of a room. Try Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, String of Hearts or Monstera Deliciosa as these plants are great for surviving indoor conditions. These larger plans are best for the corners of rooms, whereas smaller plants and flowers look great on coffee tables and even windowsills.

Pops of Colour:

Colour doesn’t always have to be an intimidating thought when decorating a room or trying something new in your home. Instead try to choose one statement hue visible via some wallpaper or a bright cushion and pair this with soft furnishings. You can even paint chairs to create a great statement in an understated way. Green or blues looks great paired against white or terracotta and can completely change the feel of a room.

Environmentally Friendly Fibres:

Incorporating natural fibres is a trend that has taken the interior design world by storm. Think rattan furnishings, bamboo pieces and wool carpets. Not only do they look good, but natural fibres have a tendency to biodegrade naturally and are a lot better for the environment. These types of materials are also flame-resistant and are a safer option in a family home. Also try incorporating pieces made out of natural materials such as wood or bamboo.