Isabella Ross

With daylight savings officially here, along with the breezy, warm nights of summer, now is the perfect time to start designing your very own outdoor cinema. A great idea for families trying to save some money but still impress the kids, or for a romantic treat for your significant other, an outdoor cinema will delight all. With simple steps and a relatively affordable budget, this project is definitely worth the consideration, time and money.

The Snack Bar:

There is no doubt that a cinematic experience without the snacks is just not up to scratch. Whether it is the well-loved choc tops, salty popcorn or bag of lollies, a movie night always needs to have a special stash of delicious but not so nutritious goodies! Readily available on gumtree, vintage popcorn machines or sweet dispensers are all the rage lately and will look especially good in your backyard cinema. You could even make your own special popcorn when hosting private screenings, by simply purchasing a regular bag of popcorn and adding sticky, caramel sauce over the top to create something extra-special.

The Cinema:

What is the most important factor of an outdoor cinema you ask? Why the projector of course! To be able to design this cinema space, you will need an area within the backyard where the projector can stay secured safely and is waterproof. Along with your projector, the outdoor cinema will need a screen. For your DIY outdoor cinema, inflatable screens are the way to go, coming in multiple different sizes to suit any area. Just make sure you have extra storage room, when the weather is a little gloomy. Numerous retailers in Sydney have projectors and screens available for purchasing, including the Big Screen Hire in Manly and Outdoor Movies Australia in Arncliffe.

The Décor:

Having cosy, intimate surroundings when watching any film is key when creating the ultimate movie-watching experience. Since your cinema is in the backyard, the seating should be specifically designed for the outdoors. This could include a set of sun lounges, bean bags, or an outdoor day bed. Dress with an array of statement cushions and throw rugs for a stylishly contemporary yet comfortable sitting area.