Eliza Cusack

Are you interested in undergoing further study or changing your career path? These changes can be overwhelming and it’s often hard to know where to start. The following resources have made it a lot easier to find an answer and break down your next move. 

Finding a New Course:

With 35 Australian university campuses alone, choosing where to study your next course can be confusing. The following two sites are great for helping you narrow your choices down.  Course seeker is a great site that allows you to type in a keyword and see all of the related university courses across the country. Course seeker also offers a great tool which allows you to compare different courses across a variety of institutions and share these with friends and family who may be helping you to make the right choice. https://courseseeker.edu.au

The Smart and Skilled site is the best site if you are interested in doing a Certificate I, II, III or IV or a diploma. You can also search for courses based on certain categories such as traineeship or apprenticeship. Once you have typed in a keyword into the search bar, you will be provided with every training provider that provides a course relating to your choice word. There is also a handy ‘estimate your fee’ button to help you decide between courses. https://smartandskilled.nsw.gov.au/sands/find-a-course

Discovering a New Career Path

Whether you are fed up with your current job or have always wanted to explore another passion of yours, this website should be your first stop.

Job Outlook is a government website that aims to help you make decisions about the next step in your career. One of the most helpful tools is the ‘career quiz’ which consists of a quiz that helps to break down your work style as well as suggesting several careers you might enjoy. There is also another great feature called ‘Skills Match’. This tool requires you to list all of the previous jobs you have worked in and access the skills you may have gained from these jobs. From there you are provided with a list of jobs that utilise the skills you already have under your belt! https://joboutlook.gov.au