Eliza Cusack

A new Sydney-based online fitness platform Revelwell was created as a direct response to the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. With the restrictions on the number of people going to the gym during the pandemic, Revelwell was created as an online spin class that can be taken in the comfort of your own home.

Lead instructor Eve Smith is a certified spin instructor and also creates the amazing playlists that accompany the classes. Eve was formally an international DJ who played for famous names such as Cateir and Vogue and was previously the music director for Hong Kong fashion week. Co-founder Sam Aspinall said that without having to pay the up-front costs that comes with a physical studio, it allowed funds to be focused on creating a premium experience in the hopes that the platform will thrive long after restrictions are lifted. A new class is offered every day and there’s also a growing range of ‘on-demand’ rides and yoga classes. For $14.95 a week, you are able to gain unlimited access to all of the rides and yoga flows.

One of the best parts about the subscription is that unlike most gyms, there is no lock in contract and the first week is free. The platform also offers instructional videos that detail proper technique and how to set up your bike correctly, which Eve believes was missing from the in-studio experience. The great thing about taking the class from home is that you can go at your own speed and increase your intensity over time, without feeling judged. If you don’t own a spin bike at home, you are able to purchase the recommended bike on the website which also offers a bundle subscription and bike deal together.

Research has shown that the benefits of taking a spin class are endless. From improving your cardio for a healthier heart, building lean muscle definition, strengthening your core and improving your mental strength, the class really is for everyone. If you are trying to avoid gyms and prefer the thought of exercising in your own home, Revelwell could be your new best friend.