Eliza Cusack

With scorching summer days quickly approaching, it is important to understand what types of flowers can survive our harsh conditions. The key to selecting the right variety is to look for plants that have the ability to withstand the hot sun, without withering away. This is why native Australian plants are an excellent choice. These plants are drought-resistant and are used to harsh temperatures. Native plants also help to attract birds and bees to your garden. Here are the top 3 plants to let flourish in your garden this summer. 

Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo Paw is a native Australian plant with beautiful diverse colours and forms. The plants produce flowers sitting on long stems primarily during spring and summer. The plant thrives off being in well-drained soil as well as being cut back at the end of the flowering season to allow for regenerative growth for the following year. Cutting back the plant also helps to decrease the chance of disease and improve its longevity. 


Frangipani trees are one of the most summer friendly plants. They flower from December to April and flourish in plenty of sunlight, well-drained soil and frost-free conditions. Frangipani have been praised as one of the easiest plants to grow, largely due to their ability to easily shrug off drought during the summer as well as being able to adapt to different soil types, particularly sandy soil near the beach.


Gardenia flowers are popular for their beautiful scent that can permeate your entire garden. It is important to keep up the fertiliser and water with a gardenia plant as they are very heavy feeders. The best flowering happens when days are warm, and evenings are reasonably cool. Typically, by Christmas gardenia flowers are in full bloom. The plants’ preferred aspect is morning sun and afternoon shade. There are many different types of gardenia, but the favourite is Gardenia Florida, thanks to its fragrant blooms and bright green foliage.