Isabella Ross

Messy but fun, creating your hair masks are the perfect activity to do over the pending weekend. Grab some girlfriends, or do it with the kids, and see the natural benefits these ingredients can have on your follicles.


Great on a variety of hair types, whether straight, curly, wavy, or textured, coconut oil is favourite among natural beauty lovers. According to Love Beauty and Planet, the vitamins and fatty acids in coconut oil help nourish the scalp and remove build-up – not to mention it makes your hair feel smooth and fabulous.


Peppermint, cedarwood, chamomile, rosemary and sage essential oils have all been found to potentially aid hair loss by promoting follicle growth. Yet one of the best aspects of adding a drop or two of essential oils to your mask, is that it will make it smell wonderful, adding to a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.


Honey is a safe natural ingredient to work with – making it one of the most popular additions in DIY hair masks. Healthline notes that honey is both an emollient and humectant. Emollient properties work to smooth the strands of hair and adding shine, and the humectant properties add moisture by bonding with water molecules. Pure or raw honey is the best way to go, particularly an Aussie-owned brand, which is always important.


An unusual ingredient to consider putting on your hair, eggs are actually something to consider! There are a few pros to both parts of the egg – yolks and the whites. Yolks are high in fat and this percentage of fat can potentially moisturise the follicles and enhance hair softness. According to Medical News Today, egg whites are high in protein and vitamins, things which play a key role in hair growth and renewal. It is important to note that egg whites are better for oily hair, so if you struggle with dry brittle hair, best to stick to the yolk instead!

The Ultimate Hair Mask:

  • 2 tablespoons of raw coconut oil
  • 2 drops of essential oil
  • 1 egg white or yolk (depending on your hair type)
  • A dash of raw honey

Mix ingredients together, smooth over hair roots to ends. Leave on for 30 minutes to 1 hour and then rinse off and follow with usual hair washing routine.