Tayla Foster

It is a common misconstrued trope that being physically active will in turn make a person feel at the peak of their mental wellbeing. Whilst being active can help an individual’s mental health, it is by no means the be all and end all of improving the quality of their mindset in a positive light. Settle in for 5 activities of staying at the very top of your mental wellbeing.


Yoga is all about centering one’s mind to be one with their physical being. The essence of yoga training will allow the body to break free of what us as humans call ‘stress-mode.’ Furthermore, it will release tension, calm the nervous system, gain clearer thinking and even restore an overall sense of balance to the body, the mind and the soul.


Move into a quiet space that is filled with peaceful and positive energy, draw yourself to the corner of the room that will be displaying a speaker guiding you through the actions and imagery you must adhere to throughout. Mindfulness is often portrayed through a calming and soothing voice that allows the individual to feel wholesome within their physical being by often picturing a jar of sand being filled with elements of water, shells and other calming characteristic traits that comes with finding inner peace.

Avoid Technology:

As adults we are constantly comparing ourselves to the social constraints of conformity. The first and foremost one being the fact that we consistently compare ourselves to others by the impossible standards set on social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. Allow yourself to take a break longer and longer each day by engaging in human interactions and allowing yourself to live your own journey.

Never Skip a Meal:

Ensuring that your body has enough sustenance is essential to a positive mind. Making sure that one’s body is receiving the vital nutrients, fibres, vitamins and minerals can vastly affect the positive energy one feels within their physical and mental wellbeing. Two recent studies investigated whether healthy food could reduce depression symptoms and the results were clear. People who ate a healthier diet improved their depression symptoms more than people who focused on only social support.

Time Alone:

Okay, solitary confinement is not ideal for positive living, however it is good for the soul to be able to be comfortable and at peace with one’s own company. Try to go for a walk around your suburb, eat alone in a public space or perhaps even take a painting class by yourself. Learn to love the person you are in order to share that love with those around you.