Tayla Foster

There are many things that shape our identity – the way we are raised, the people we meet, the interests we have, our jobs and of course our hobbies. But how do we manifest that identity into one aesthetic? The answer is simple – through our expression of style and appearance. One’s styles can scream wonders about their personality, their characteristics and the way they conduct themselves. Settle in for what your closet says about you.

Happy as Larry

Filled with bright colours, patterns and hints of pastels, we can assume that you are an extremely bright and outgoing individual with a lot of self-confidence. Your fun shirts and skirts come out to brighten everyone’s day and bring sunshine to the mundane world. With your fun silky materials accompanied by fluro and pastel fluffy jackets, it’s safe to say that you’re the life of every party.

Let’s get Active

Wearing active wear on an almost daily basis is both modest and confident. You’re a busy woman that is on the warpath to get things done, but not before a quick coffee with the girls after dropping the kids off at school. Before all of your daily activities you can easily fit in a gym session or a run and complete all your tasks in the comfort of shape fitting clothes. Activewear suggests that you are comfortable with your figure and you’re not afraid to show it.

Dark and Edgy

Dark colours such as black and grey are severely underrated. Sporting a grey sweater on top of black jeans and boots, accompanied by a big black coat or scarf is the perfect outfit for both work and leisure. The colouring is formal enough to create a sense of the working woman but is completely appropriate for a night out to dinner with friends. This woman is known as the planner and the multi-tasker, The one who has the written plan on the calendar and can do it all.

An array of closet items can represent a mood or a feeling but combined together they represent who you’d like to be perceived. Take control of your identity starting with your closet.