Tayla Foster

The powers of positive living is a concept that appears far-fetched to a person down on their luck. The very idea of positive living appears too far out of reach with a hopeless sense of never knowing where to begin, or the crowd favourite, “I’ll start tomorrow.” Start living a life filled with energy that will excite you to wake up and live your best life day in, day out.

8 Hours:

As we grow older, the concept of sleeping for a total of 8 hours fades out further and further away until all it becomes is a mere pipe dream. Going to bed at a reasonable time might not appear to be a challenge, but let’s face it, we’ve all been there, deep in Facebook videos until 1am with the broken promise of “one last video.” Like any habit, good or bad, sleeping at a reasonable time can be trained. Rather than going to bed at 12am, to then wake up at 7am and rush out of the door, try to go to bed an hour earlier than usual and wake up only half an hour earlier than your usual time. Allow yourself enough discipline of a night and time to yourself in the mornings, you feel good and be ready for the day ahead.

The most important meal of the day:

You’ve snoozed your alarm five too many times and now you’re running late for work, there is no time eat, you grab a packet of processed food out of the cupboard and away you go in the car. Since we are trying to wake up earlier, let’s set this time aside to sit down, eat a healthy breakfast full of fibre and natural goodness and take in the morning sun. This peaceful downtime before a working day can be the very best thing for a positive day filled with energy and a happy mindset.

Let it burn:

Why not burn your favourite scent around your home this winter season? Rather than elevating the toxicity of a room with sprays and perfumes, burn a natural and heartwarming scent throughout the home to both relax and calm your nerves as well as centre your energy as to where it is required. With a plethora of scents to choose from, it’s hard not to have your house smelling naturally delicious.