Kerrie Erwin

I have always had a love and appreciation of nature, growing up on the south coast of Australia by the sea, as its benefits are so rewarding. The most beautiful things in life are free and there is nothing like the change in seasons. How often do we forget to watch a beautiful sunrise or sunset, a clear sky, clouds with different shapes or the simple act of listening to the wind in the trees? Once you have experienced the recognition of nature’s beauty, there is nothing so healing and precious in the world as it is a kaleidoscope of colour, light and sound. As a young trainee nurse in my early years, I would often feel overburdened by my heavy workload and exposure to human tragedy on the wards. As soon as I finished my work, I would jump in my car at the hospital and reward myself by driving straight to the beach. Once there I would sit on the sand and watch the rolling waves, imagining the salt air clearing my aura. Then I would go for a swim, washing all my stress and problems away. Other times I would take a long walk in the bush and imagine the energy, plants and trees clearing me of any stress I had collected in my energy field during the week. As I breathed it in, I had a whole feeling again that was rejuvenating.

If we lost the gift of nature, it would bring imbalance and chaos into our lives and energy fields. Whenever you are feeling rundown, depressed, tired, ungrounded or plain out of sorts, embrace nature and let the natural spirits do their work. By connecting to this powerful energy – you will not only feel rested, but your aura will be cleansed of any impurities, bringing you back into balance.

Winter is generally a time of reflection to go within. Perhaps it is also a time to clear out any unwanted clutter, people or situation’s that no longer serve you. After all spring is just around the corner, with exciting new things and opportunities to come.

Kerrie Erwin is a Psychic and Medium

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