Tayla Foster

We’ve all been there. Standing in front of the mirror picking apart the 17th outfit tried on in the space of 10 minutes. There is always just one thing missing, but what is it? “Am I wearing the wrong pants, would this look better with a different shirt, do these shoes match my outfit?” These are the questions we are battling and the ones driving our partners insane. But what if it wasn’t the shoes or the clothes that completed the outfit? What if it is as simple as one accessory?

Single Necklace Chains:

Complete your look by adding one elegant necklace – something modest and simple. One single necklace or chain sets up the tone of your outfit to be both bold and daring, with a hint of classic femininity. With a beautiful crystal or chain hanging from your neck, it won’t matter if you’re wearing tracksuit pants and an oversized jumper, it’ll be all anyone can look at.

Rug up with a Scarf:

A scarf is the perfect accessory to drape around yourself this winter, paired with a cropped jacket, a woolly knitted sweater and of course everyone’s favourite, fitted jeans. Not only will the essence of class and casual meet for a happy medium, it is the perfect outfit completer for a coffee catch up with the girls on a Saturday morning.

Embrace Belts:

Let’s face it, our jeans look empty without a nice chunky belt finishing off the final touches of your winter outfit. A belt can make you feel and look fearless this season, whilst holding up the pants that don’t quite fit the same as last season. Hold up your pants and your confidence with the support of your branded belt this season, turn heads and hearts your way with a simple and snazzy accessory.