Isabella Ross

Cosmically Creative Night-lights:

For lots of youngsters, the idea of turning off all the lights and venturing into complete darkness can be a little daunting. Night-lights have become a staple in most kid’s bedrooms of the decades, thanks to their ability to provide a sense of comfort. Lights4Fun has a broad range of imaginative solar system lights!

photograph credit: Lights4fun

Wall Stickers:

Kids are constantly changing their mind when it comes to their favourite food and toys – so why would interior design be any different! Painting an entire room a bold colour can be tedious, especially if after a year or two your little one decides green is no longer their favourite colour. Wall stickers are a very clever option to consider in terms of both design and efficiency.

Photograph credit: Circu

Funky Trunks:

When it comes to the overwhelming chaos that is children’s toys, parents can often be left to nag their little ones constantly to clean their room. A stylish yet practical solution is the humble trunk. Often characterised by its 1920’s suitcase charm, trunks are super trendy in the current design market.

Cosy Corner:

Children lead very busy lives and are constantly on the run, exploring and expressing their imagination. So it’s important that they have a quietly comfortable corner in their bedroom where they can rest, reflect and read a book. Look for a well-upholstered armchair, bookshelf, fluffy rug and cosy cushions.

Photograph credit: Zanui